Our Apparatuses

Jack White Station (Station-91)

Station-91 was built originally with 4 bays with a small meeting area, and an upstairs sleeping quarters with a kitchen. In 2020 the station received an expansion which added a training room, 2 bays, and approximately 30 feet to the entire length of the building.


2006 Pierce Contender 6-man cab

1250 GPM pump

1000 Gallon Tank

30 Gallon Foam Tank

This apparatus is utilized as a Rescue Engine with its primary duty as the first out apparatus to any reported fire, motor vehicle accidents, and extrications. Engine-91 has the capability to draft water for supply operations. Engine-91 has a wide variety of fire/rescue equipment including hand tools, chainsaws, rotary saws, ventilation fans, Scott Airpacks, gas metering devices, thermal cameras, large diameter hose, hard suction, low level strainer, hydraulic cutters and spreaders, hydraulic rams, battery powered cutters and spreaders, Res-Q struts and jacks, airbags, battery DeWalt cutting tools and drills and BLS medical equipment.


1985 Mack R Series 2-man cab

500 GPM pump

1500 Gallon Tank

This apparatus is utilized as our second line tanker. This unit was refurbished in the early 2000’s and is in outstanding shape for its age. Tanker-91 has the capability to draft with its hard suction and is equipped with miscellaneous hand tools, low level strainers, and large diameter hose.


2015 Kenworth T370 2-man cab

1000 GPM pump

3000 Gallon Tank

This apparatus is utilized for water supply operations in areas of our district that do not have a hydrant system. This is our first line tanker that will respond in tandem with the engine to any fire when there may be a need for water supply. This apparatus has the capability to draft as well as turbo draft and is equipped with a 3000-gallon portable tank that can be deployed in the event of a tanker shuttle operation. The apparatus is equipped with Scott air packs, hand tools, ventilation fan, scene lighting, large diameter hose, floating barrel strainer, low level strainer, turbo draft unit, and hard suction.


1999 Ford 7.3 Power Stroke 2-man cab

300 Gallon Tank

This apparatus is specially designed for off-road applications such as brush/grass fires, offroad search and rescue, and high water. This unit is equipped with wildland packs, hand tools, brush cutting tools, absorbent barriers and pads, chainsaws, back boards, and water packs.


2005 Ford 6.0 Power Stroke 5-man cab

This unit is used as a utility apparatus for many applications; Its primary job is medical response, motor vehicle accidents, and mutual aid for manpower. The unit is equipped with absorbent barriers and pads, decontamination pools, Scott Airpacks, spare cylinders, gas metering devices, thermal cameras, hydraulic spreaders and cutters, electric winch, Res-Q struts and jacks, backboards, cribbing, assortment of tools, rope rescue equipment and harnesses.


2012 Ford Explorer

This unit is utilized as a command vehicle. The vehicle can be used as a mobile command post with accountability boards and radios.


This unit is used for hurricane recovery and water rescues.


This unit is used as a recovery station for crews on any extended scenes.