About Cove Fire & Rescue

Cove, TX is about 30 miles East of Houston, TX, and about 45 miles West of Beaumont, TX.

One warm summer night, a group of volunteers met in the Old Cove Community Building to form an organization to provide safety and security to their families and neighbors. Starting with an old broken-down Fire Truck purchased from neighboring Mont Belvieu for $1.00, that had to be towed back to Cove, and continuing with untold hours of volunteer labor that included staying up all night cooking for fundraisers as well as working on that old Fire Truck and others that have followed, a special comradery has evolved that only comes from working for the common good.

Through it all the Cove VFD has maintained the high standards and volunteer spirit that has always made Cove, Texas, an extraordinary place to live. We salute those first volunteers; those founders whose selfless dedication has given Cove's Firefighters of today and those of the future a shining example to follow. As long as people like these exist, communities like ours will enjoy that special kind of security that can only come when people truly care about each other.


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